REVIEW: DIY crochet kit by DeEstraperlo

And suddenly there she was, Maria Sommer aka De Estraperlo, a Spanish lady recently moved to Amsterdam with a great crochet talent. I had to meet her, especially when I noticed she was making DIY crochet kits.


You all know I’m not a very big fan of amigurumi. It reminds me too much about math. But I love the effect it can have, and some designs are just amazing. But more about that in another blog ;).

Back to Maria, I met her a few weeks ago for coffee and she showed me Minus. it was love at first sight and I was pleased she gave me a review package to make my own Minus and to tell all of you what it was like.

On Instagram I kept you updated on my little work in progress #minusroest. The crochet kit was on my desk for quite some time until I realised Easterweekend would the perfect timing to get it done.


The DIY crochet kit looks gorgeous. It’s beautiful put together with a lot of love and eye for detail. Enough yarn to crochet Minus and all the tools needed to get the job done. In the crochet kit is a little booklet with the pattern written out and it includes a lot of pictures, which is very helpful.

Note: Perhaps it is an idea to include a link to a tutorial for some Amigurumi basics. Do you close after rounds, or just continue. How do you change colours in the best ways. Just some extra tips and tricks.

I must admit that I didn’t use the crochet needle included in the kit. It’s a little short and it gave me a little discomfort in my hand. But who cares, as crochet fanatics we all have many crochet needles to choose from in the house.

As it was a long time ago I made an amigurumi project, I forgot how nice the end results can be. And the pattern is really easy to follow. I made some little mistakes, but I am sure Minus doesn’t mind. I crossed the suspenders at the back, that way they won’t fall off, and I think that’s better with a little kid running around in the house.

Minus loves his new home and tonight he won’t sleep alone.


Did you know Maria has her own CAL blanket on her blog. I love the designs she chose for the blanket.

Get your hands on a DIY crochet kit MINUS

Rather pick your own colours and only score the PDF pattern of MINUS?

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Eliane RoestREVIEW: DIY crochet kit by DeEstraperlo

One Comment on ““REVIEW: DIY crochet kit by DeEstraperlo”

  1. De Estraperlo

    This is awesome Eliane! Thank you very much for your review.
    I appreciate your advices very much! I’m working on this amigurumi basics for my blog :)
    Thank you again and hope to see you soon!

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